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Classification - Nonnative aquatic
animal species with photos

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Species Image Species Name  Common Name  Family  Classification 
Sphaeroma quoyanum Burrowing isopod Spheromatidae Prohibited
Eriocheir sinensis   Chinese mitten crab Grapsidae Prohibited
Carcinus maenas   European Green crab Portunidae Prohibited
Cercopagis pengoi   Fishhook waterflea Cercopagidae Prohibited
Astacopis gouldi Giant Tasmanian crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited
Euastacus kershawi Gippsland crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited
Euastacus bispinosis Glenelg crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited
Euastacus sulcatus Lamington Spiny crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited
Geocharax falcata Land Yabby Parastacidae Prohibited
Parastacoides tasmanicus tasmanicus Land Yabby Parastacidae Prohibited
Euastacus armatus Murray crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited
Cherax depressus Orange fingered Yabby Parastacidae Prohibited
Cherax destructor Orange fingered Yabby Parastacidae Prohibited
Procambarus clarkii   Red swamp crawfish Cambaridae Prohibited
Orconectes neglectus Ringed crayfish Cambaridae Prohibited
Orconectes rusticus   Rusty crayfish Cambaridae Prohibited
Euastacus setosus Spiny crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited
Euastacus spinifer Spiny crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited
Euastacus valentulus Spiny crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited
Euastacus woriwuru Spiny crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited
Astacopis tricornus Spiny crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited
Bythotrephes cederstroemi   Spiny waterflea Cercopagidae Prohibited
Orconectes virilus Virile crayfish Cambaridae Prohibited
Cherax albidus Yabby Parastacidae Prohibited
Cherax preissii Yabby Parastacidae Prohibited
Cherax rotundus setotus Yabby Parastacidae Prohibited
Euastacus yarraensis Yarra crayfish Parastacidae Prohibited