After collecting comments in July and at the Commission hearing on August 9th, we have revised the Draft Game Management Plan. The public will get one more chance to comment from Friday, October 17th through 5 p.m. Monday, November 17th.
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REVISED FINAL DRAFT Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, 2015-2021 Game Management Plan
Photo of three elk in snowy field.
Willapa Hills Elk Herd Management Plan
The Willapa Hills elk (Cervus elaphus) herd is one of ten herds identified in Washington State. The purpose of the Willapa Hills Elk Herd Plan is to provide direction for managing the Willapa Hills elk herd. Learn more >>
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Game Status & Trend
The Game Status and Trend Report describes the current status and assesses trends in populations for game species within the state. For major species, separate sections cover each region or other management unit.


Game Harvest Reports
Game Harvest Reports provide annual harvest statistics based on hunter reporting. Species recorded include elk, deer, turkey, cougar, black bear and small game. Trapping reports are also included.

Game Management Plans