Wolf Packs in Washington

Annual Report - Pack Statistics
(as of December 31, 2013)

Washington's wolf population has continued to grow, according to a statewide survey conducted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in 2013.  The survey confirmed the presence of at least 52 wolves in 13 wolf packs with a total of 5 successful breeding pairs by the end of the year.  Wildlife managers emphasize that the actual number of wolves in the state is likely higher than those confirmed by the survey. The survey is not designed to account for every wolf within the state, but rather to monitor the species' progress toward recovery.

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Recovery Region Pack Pack Status Minimum Count Successful
Breeding Pairs
Eastern Washington Carpenter Ridge Confirmed 2 No
Dirty Shirt Confirmed 2 No
Diamond Confirmed 9 Yes
Huckleberry Confirmed 6 Yes
Nc'icn Confirmed 5 No
Ruby Creek Confirmed 2 No
Salmo Confirmed 4 Yes
Smackout Confirmed 2 No
Strawberry Confirmed 3 No
Wedge Confirmed 2 No
Misc/Loners   1  
Northern Cascades Lookout Confirmed 5 Yes
Teanaway Confirmed 6 Yes
Wenatchee Confirmed 2 No
Misc/Loners   1  
S Cascades & NW Coast None None 0 None
Statewide Total 13 52 5