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Picture of Mark Yuasa Join WDFW experts and Seattle Times' Mark Yuasa for live chat
On April 24 at noon, Reel Time Northwest's Mark Yuasa joins WDFW experts to host a live chat on the lowland lakes trout fishing season.
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Hundreds of lakes open April 26 for biggest fishing day of the year
Trout fishing in Washington hits full throttle April 26, when several hundred lowland lakes - stocked with millions of fish - open for a six-month season. Learn more >>

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WDFW adds options for coastal halibut fishing, shortens Puget Sound season
Anglers will have three fewer days to catch halibut in Puget Sound when the season opens in May this year but will have more opportunities for halibut fishing off the southern coast of Washington. Learn more >>

Ocean Halibut Fishery Quotas and Seasons

Recreational Razor Clamming Weeklong razor clam dig starts Monday, April 14
State shellfish managers today approved a series of morning razor-clam digs starting Monday, April 14, at Twin Harbors and expanding to include three other ocean beaches over the next week. Learn more >>
How Recreational Razor Clam Seasons are Set
How to Dig Razor Clams
Try these delicious Razor Clam recipes
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North of Falcon Washington's salmon fisheries set for 2014
VANCOUVER - State and tribal co-managers Tuesday agreed on a package of salmon fisheries that meets conservation goals for wild salmon populations and provides fishing opportunities on healthy stocks.
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Puget Sound Smelt Rulemaking Process
WDFW is seeking public comments through May 30th on proposed options for commercial and recreational fishing regulations that could increase protection and conservation for smelt in Puget Sound.
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Washington state is blessed with diverse landscapes, great camping, and excellent fishing opportunities. Whether you're planning a trip in 2014 or beyond, the trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, walleye and tuna will be waiting for you, along with many other attractions and accommodations that make for unforgettable vacations. Start Vacation Planning Today! >>

An improved Fish Washington online fishing guide is now available, featuring new mapping tools and a calendar showing fishing seasons for many species. Learn more >>

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Protecting Washington’s Rockfish
Washington is home to many species of rockfish.  Populations of some species are healthy but others, such as yelloweye, canary and bocaccio, are suffering and have been listed under the Endangered Species Act. Within Puget Sound, WDFW has implemented recreational depth and area restrictions, and closed commercial fisheries that target rockfish or have a high potential to encounter them as bycatch. 
Bottomfish of Washington
Bottomfish Identification Guide

2013-2014 Fishing in Washington Rules Pamphlet
2013-2014 Sport Fishing
Regulation Pamphlet
Download 2013 Rule Pamphlet
(rules effective May 1, 2013 - April 30, 2014)
Corrections to the 2013 Rule Pamphlet
(last updated August 29, 2013)
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Recreational Squid Fishing Looking for a healthy choice? Squid, or calamari, is lower in fat and calories than many other protein sources and is beautifully versatile. It can be used for appetizers, soups, salads or main dishes. The best times to catch squid running is from late summer though winter.
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Find a public pier or dock for squidding near you
Latest squid reports

Recreational Salmon Fishing

When and Where to Fish for Salmon
Figuring out when and where to fish for salmon is one of the most asked questions for beginning salmon anglers. You will find many useful tools on this website to help you decide when and where to go.

Know the 5 species of salmon and how to identify them
How salmon seasons are set


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Hundreds of lakes open April 26 for biggest fishing day of the year
Snake River spring chinook fishery set to get under way 3 days a week
Anglers get one more day to catch spring chinook on lower Columbia
Washington's salmon fisheries set for 2014
Anglers get at least 6 more days to catch chinook on lower Columbia
Weeklong razor clam dig starts Monday, April 14
Public survey available on Puget Sound recreational fisheries enhancement program
States approve summer sturgeon fishery, spawning sanctuary in the Bonneville Pool
WDFW adds options for coastal halibut fishing, shortens Puget Sound season
WDFW will not release 'early winter' hatchery steelhead this spring unless legal issues are resolved
Recreational shrimp fishery opens May 3 in Puget Sound
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