Photo of a razor clam limit on the beach with a clam shovel in the background. Five days of razor clam digging begin Dec. 19
Clam diggers will get another chance to dig some fresh razor clams for the holidays during an opening Dec. 19-23 at several Washington beaches.
How Recreational Razor Clam Seasons are Set
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Photo of happy anglers holding up fish.

WDFW to release torrent of trout; nearly four times more fish stocked this fall
With some 340,000 trout scheduled for stocking in western Washington lakes, area anglers should have an excellent chance at phenomenal fishing this fall and through the holiday season. Learn more >>

Additional WDFW trout releases to focus on lakes in seven western Washington counties
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Photo of fishing regulation pamphlet covers. Deadline extended for public comment on proposed Columbia River Basin fishing rules
The public will have more time to review proposed changes to fishing rules for the Columbia River Basin under an extended comment period. Under the new timeline, WDFW will accept written comments through Nov. 13 on the proposed rules – about a month longer than previously announced. Learn more >>

Sportfishing Rule Changes for 2015-2016
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Recreational Crab Fishing
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Most areas of Puget Sound reopen Oct. 1 for late-season crab fishing
In each area, crabbing will be allowed seven days a week through Dec. 31. The openings were approved by fishery managers after summer catch assessments by WDFW indicated more crab are available for harvest.

Fish Washington icon. An improved Fish Washington online fishing guide is now available, featuring new mapping tools and a calendar showing fishing seasons for many species. Learn more >>

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Great Washington Getaways icon. Washington state is blessed with diverse landscapes, great camping, and excellent fishing opportunities. Whether you're planning a trip in 2014 or beyond, the trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, walleye and tuna will be waiting for you, along with many other attractions and accommodations that make for unforgettable vacations. Start Vacation Planning Today! >>

2014-2015 Fishing in Washington Rules Pamphlet Cover
2014-2015 Sport Fishing
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Protecting Washington’s Rockfish
Washington is home to many species of rockfish.  Populations of some species are healthy but others, such as yelloweye, canary and bocaccio, are suffering and have been listed under the Endangered Species Act. Within Puget Sound, WDFW has implemented recreational depth and area restrictions, and closed commercial fisheries that target rockfish or have a high potential to encounter them as bycatch. 
Bottomfish of Washington
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Photo of squid swimming underwater. Looking for a healthy choice? Squid, or calamari, is lower in fat and calories than many other protein sources and is beautifully versatile. It can be used for appetizers, soups, salads or main dishes. The best times to catch squid running is from late summer though winter.
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Photo of angler using a dehooker to release a salmon.

When and Where to Fish for Salmon
Figuring out when and where to fish for salmon is one of the most asked questions for beginning salmon anglers. You will find many useful tools on this website to help you decide when and where to go.

Know the 5 species of salmon and how to identify them
How salmon seasons are set


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Fish Black Friday for big rainbows stocked in six southwest Washington lakes
WDFW approves pre-holiday razor clam dig starting Nov. 20
Comment period extended on proposed rules for Columbia River Basin sportfishing
Steelhead planning on several rivers begins with public meeting, work group nominations
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