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Where to fish

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No matter where you live in Washington, chances are good there’s a fishing spot nearby. 

While some anglers are willing to travel to a favorite fishing area, thousands of lakes and streams await anglers who want to stick closer to home.  If you live near saltwater, public fishing piers and shellfishing beaches add to your local fishing options.

Of course the species of fish or shellfish you’re seeking, as well as state fishing regulations, will guide your choice of fishing spots.

To help anglers find good fishing, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife publishes Fishing Prospects with county-by-county descriptions of fishing opportunities throughout the state.  The annual publication includes information on boat-launch sites, fishing accessible to people with disabilities, and fishing opportunities just for kids.

In choosing a fishing destination, it’s also wise to consult the Washington Department of Health’s fish consumption advisories.  While the state health department advocates eating fish, it advises caution in consuming fish or shellfish from certain waters that contain high levels of contaminants. 

And finally, take care to avoid trespassing on private property.

Some good choices for novice fishers are lake trout fishing or razor clam digging on coastal beaches.  An array of other opportunities also await anglers, ranging from salmon fishing to squid jigging, fishing for "warmwater" species such as bass, to fishing for Dungeness crab in Puget Sound.