Lake Entiat
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Located upstream of Rocky Reach Dam to Wells Dam, this Columbia River reservoir contains a variety of fish species, but is noted for Steelhead, summer Chinook, and Sockeye salmon fisheries.  Seasons are based on the abundance of fish runs and can be located either in the WDFW fishing pamphlet or by searching the WDFW website for fishery rule changes.  Largemouth bass, Smallmouth Bass and Walleye are also available.

Species you might catch

Bridgelip sucker
Bull trout
Chinook salmon
Coho salmon
Largemouth bass
Northern pikeminnow
Rainbow trout
Redside shiner
Smallmouth bass
Sockeye salmon
Three-spine stickleback
Westslope cutthroat

Lake Information

Douglas County
Lake Acreage: 8,828.6
Elevation: 711 feet
Eastside Washington

Lake Management Type
Mixed species - Trout emphasis

Sport Fishing Regulations & Seasons

Emergency Rule Updates
Fishing closures and openings happen constantly throughout the year. The E-Rules keep you up-to-date.

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Fish Plants & Stocking Reports