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Non-Traditional "Section 6" Conservation Grant Program


Intent Form for 2013 Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund Land Acquisition Proposals
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  • Recovery Land Acquisition grants
  • Habitat Conservation Plan Land Acquisition grants
  • Habitat Conservation Planning Assistance grants

Current Grant Program Status
See the "What's Going on Now?" section for complete information.

Grant Program Description
“Non-traditional” Section 6 grants consist of three grant programs established in 2001 under the federal Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund (CESCF). The three grant programs are: 1) Recovery Land Acquisition grants, 2) Habitat Conservation Plan Land Acquisition (HCP) grants, and 3) Habitat Conservation Planning Assistance grants.

These grant programs are administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and provide funding to states for species and habitat conservation actions on non-federal lands. A state must have a cooperative agreement with the USFWS under Section 6 of the Endangered Species Act to be eligible to receive funds under the CESCF. In Washington State, the non-traditional Section 6 grants are administered by the USFWS in conjunction with the state Departments of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and Natural Resources (DNR).

Overall, the grants are intended to contribute to the conservation of federal threatened and endangered species. These grants are also intended to benefit candidate, proposed and unlisted species.

Specific grant objectives are:

  • Recovery Land Acquisition grants: provide funding for the permanent protection of lands that support approved recovery plans for listed species.
  • HCP Land Acquisition grants: provide funding for the permanent protection of lands that complement conservation provided by an approved habitat conservation plan.
  • Habitat Conservation Planning Assistance grants: provide funding to develop habitat conservation plans, through the support of baseline surveys and inventories, document preparation, outreach, and similar planning activities.

Administering Agency
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: http://www.fws.gov/endangered/grants/

US Fish and Wildlife Service Contact Information
Joanne Stellini, (360) 753-4323, joanne_stellini@fws.gov
Contact for general information about this program if you are not already working closely with the USFWS or either state agency’s contacts (listed below) on your grant proposal.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Grant Contact Information
Lauri Vigue, (360) 902-2549, lauri.vigue@dfw.wa.gov

Washington Department of Natural Resources Contact Information
Rich Scrivner, (360) 902-1059, rich.scrivner@dnr.wa.gov