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Puget Sound Hatchery Action Advisory Committee

The Puget Sound Hatchery Action Advisory Committee (PSHAAC) was created in 2011 to advise WDFW on potential modifications to the State’s hatchery programs in Puget Sound. This includes assigning population designations and prioritization of Hatchery Reform actions to reduce risks posed from the operation of hatcheries. The committee will also provide advice on strategies to balance conservation of the salmon resource while supporting sustainable fisheries.

These measures will assist WDFW and its Tribal Co-managers in developing new management plans for state hatcheries that are unique to each watershed. The 11-member committee is guided by plans and policies adopted by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC); these include the Statewide Steelhead Management Plan and the Hatchery and Fishery Reform Policy. Actions recommended by the committee will support WDFW as it moves forward in implementing FWC policy, which will ensure that hatchery programs achieve Hatchery Scientific Review Group standards by 2015.

Commission Policy C-3619: Hatchery and Fishery Reform