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Bowhunter Education Class Schedule & Information

Online Washington Bowhunting Safety and Bowhunter Education Course
Bow hunter education training is not required in Washington ….but it's a training program we strongly recommend!

Bowhunter education is a partnership agreement among the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington State Archery Association, the Traditional Bowhunters of Washington and the Washington State Bowhunters.

Although bowunter education training is not required in Washington State, many states do require it for all bowhunters. Washington’s bowhunter education program meets the requirements of all states.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife offers two types of bowhunter education training opportunities, including:

Traditional Class
WDFW strongly recommends the traditional hunter education class. One or more instructors typically offer detailed classroom instruction and practical exercises to prepare successful students.

Distance Learning
Students enrolled in this module can complete their course work and testing online, and complete their skills evaluations as part of a traditional class. This bowhunter education activity only recommended for mature students. For questions about the distance learning program, check the agency web site or contact Annette Crews at or (360) 673-2350.

Please Note: Bowhunter education classes do not meet the Washington training requirement to purchase a hunting license for first-time hunters born after January 1, 1972.

Training Requirement
While a number of other states and provinces require bowhunter education in order to purchase a hunting license, there is no such requirement in the Evergreen State. Training is required in the basic hunter education program even if individuals only plan to bowhunt.

Bowhunter education is a voluntary course offering designed to help bowhunters enjoy their chosen hunting activity. Classes are strongly recommended.

Finding Training Classes
Look below to find available bowhunter education training classes. Since the program is voluntary, bowhunter education classes are much less available than basic hunter education courses. Enroll early if you want/need training!

Grant County
Location 5881 Rd J.2 SE,  Moses Lake Wa, 98837

Traditional class - May 11-13-15-16

Location Quincy Gun Club
14050 Rd Q NW, Quincy Wa. 98848

On-line class - August 1

Contact: Ken Shields 509-2371166

King County

Issaquah Sportsmen's Club

Dates: April 16, 17 & 18
October 3 & 4
Contact: Alan Jones

Thurston County
Location: Capitol City Bowmen Range
Dates: May 30 & 31
August 8 & 9

Bob Jamison



Course Content
Bowhunter education courses are based on the International Bowhunter Education Foundation curriculum. Topics include equipment, anatomy, tracking, safety, regulations and other subjects of particular value to bowhunters. The course is designed to benefit both new and experienced bowhunters. Please note that the average bowhunter education class is 10 - 14 hours in length.  Be sure to contact the course instructors in advance so that you know the dates and times for the classes you want to attend.

Successful students participate in both classroom and practical (e.g., shooting, blood-trailing) activities.

All hunter education classes are taught by instructors certified by the National Bowhunter Education Foundation.

For More Information
Want information on bowhunter education? E-mail the Washington Bowhunter Education Committee chairperson Annette Crews at or call her at (360) 673-2350.