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Mountain Goat Permit Hunt Area Boundary Maps

The Department recently completed a mountain goat research project throughout the Cascade Mountain range. We now have a better understanding about the size and location of mountain goat populations, intermixing between sub-populations, and sustainable harvest levels for each. We are now applying that new information to our mountain goat harvest strategies by managing hunted mountain goat populations as a collection of smaller sub-populations, where nanny groups may be fairly distinct, but billies have a greater potential to intermix. Ideally, harvest will be well distributed throughout a population, so no sub-populations are over harvested. As a precautionary step, the Director may open or close specific sub-populations, or reduce permit levels slightly, to protect from over harvest. Also, selected hunters will now receive a map of their hunt area boundary with their permit.  Below are links to the individual maps that correspond to the mountain goat hunt choices found in the Big Game Hunting Seasons & Regulations pamphlet.

Mountain Goat Permits

Hunt Choice Hunt Name
Click on name for map of hunt area
Hunt Area

Avalanche Gorge (PDF)


Chowder Ridge (PDF)


Lincoln Peak (PDF)


Dillard Peak (PDF)

6004 North Lake Chelan 2-1
6005 Naches Pass 3-6
6006 Bumping River 3-7
6007 Blazed Ridge 3-10
6008 Goat Rocks/Tieton River 5-4/3-9
* Note: The hunt area maps for specific sub-populations may have a different name.