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Hunter’s Code of Conduct
The code emphasizes the need for hunters to show respect for wildlife and to be considerate of non-hunters.




Regulations & Seasons
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Hunter Orange Requirements

Under the following conditions a minimum of 400 square inches of fluorescent hunter orange exterior clothing is required. It must be worn above the waist and be visible from all sides. A hat, by itself, does not meet this requirement.

  • Anyone hunting deer or elk during any modern firearm deer or elk general season is required to wear fluorescent hunter orange clothing. All modern firearm permit holders must wear fluorescent hunter orange clothing. This includes archers and muzzleloaders while hunting in units (e.g. GMUs, Deer, Areas, Elk Areas, Wilderness Areas, etc.) that overlap modern firearm seasons.
  • Anyone hunting in an area that is open for modern firearm deer or elk hunting must meet hunter orange requirements if they are hunting any of the following species: Bear, Bobcat, Cougar, Coyote, Deer, Elk, Fox, Grouse, Hare, Rabbit, or Raccoon.
  • During any upland game bird (pheasant, quail, and partridge) season, anyone hunting upland game birds or rabbits with a modern firearm is required to wear fluorescent hunter orange clothing. (Grouse are not upland game birds.)

Hunter Orange Clothing is Not Required:

  • During an upland game bird season for anyone hunting upland game birds with a muzzleloading firearm, bow and arrow, or for falconry.
  • While hunting in a muzzleloading or archery only GMU and possessing a valid muzzleloading or archery deer or elk tag.