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 ADA Sites ADA Sites
Asotin County
Site Name  Common Name Body of Water 
Bezona Bezona Grande Ronde
Blankenship Blankenship Asotin Creek
Botts Cougar Creek Grande Ronde
C. Boggan C. Boggan Grande Ronde
Clarkston Pond Clarkston Pond Snake River
Cottonwood Cottonwood Acc Pond Grande Ronde
Couse Creek Couse Creek Couse Creek
Ebson #1 Ebson #1 Grande Ronde
Ebson #2 Ebson #2 Grande Ronde
Ebson #3 Ebson #3 Grande Ronde
Ebson #4 Ebson #4 Grande Ronde
Heller Bar Heller Basin Snake River
Mouth of Grande Ronde Mouth of Grande Ronde Snake River
R. Boggan R. Boggan Grande Ronde
Schumaker Grade Schumaker Grade Grande Ronde
Turkey Bend Turkey Bend Grande Ronde
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