Yakima County
Site Name  Common Name Body of Water 
Buena Pond Pond #6 I-82 Ponds
Craig Road Craig Road Naches River
Donald Rd Parking lot Donald Road Yakima River
Elton Pond Elton Pond Elton Pond
Fitzsimmons Fitzsimmons Yakima River
Gannon Gannon Yakima River
Giffin Lake Giffin Lake Giffin Lake
Granger Granger Yakima River
Mabton Bridge Mabton Bridge Yakima River
Mc Cormick Mc Cormick Naches River
Mellis Road Mellis Rd. (Burke) Yakima River
Myron Lake Myron Lake Myron Lake
Parker Lot Parker Lot Yakima River
Pond #3 Pond #3 I-82 Ponds
Ponds #1 & 2 Ponds #1 & 2 I-82 Ponds
Ponds #4 & 5 Ponds #4 & 5 I-82 Ponds
Rotary Lake Rotary Lake Rotary Lake
Rowe Rowe Naches River
South Emerald South Emerald Yakima River
Tim's Pond Tim's Pond Tim's Pond
Wapato Dam Wapato Dam Yakima River
Waterworks Waterworks Naches River
Zillah Bridge Zillah Bridge Yakima River
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