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Susan Van Leuven
Glenwood Highway
Goldendale, WA 98620
(509) 773-4459

Wildlife Areas
Klickitat Wildlife Area
Sondino Ponds Unit
This unit is 160 acres located near the town of Lyle, immediately north of the Columbia River. WDFW bought the acreage to protect the western pond turtle. The parcel was traditionally used for agriculture but contains seasonal and year-round wetlands. This unit is considered the most important western pond turtle habitat in the state of Washington. In 1986, the WDFW estimated the western pond turtle population on the parcel at 83 turtles. To date, recovery efforts have succeeded in increasing the population to approximately 300 turtles.
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    Access Site #1
    Driving Directions
    From Lyle, the unit is located approximately 3 mi. west on Old Highway 8.
    Parking/Restroom Information
    There is no parking or restroom facility.
    Other Information
    Access is closed year-round, except by written authorization from WDFW.
    Other Information
    Wildlife may be viewed from the county roads (Old Highway 8 and Balch Road). Group events or tours may occur with written permission from the Wildlife Area Manager for access to the property. Permission may be granted for educational activities, scientific data collection, or for volunteer work under guidance of WDFW for management of the site. Please contact the wildlife area headquarters at 509-773-4459 if you would like to schedule an activity on the Sondino Unit.
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