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Eagle Combination PlatePersonalize Your Wildlife Background
Combination Personalized - Special Background License Plates allow you to put your personalized message on a wildlife background. You can even transfer a current personalized plate message to a wildlife plate.

Dept. of Licensing: Combination Personalized-Special Background License Plate FAQs

Washington residents have five new license plate backgrounds to choose from, featuring some of the state’s premier wildlife species. Adopted by the 2005 Washington Legislature and signed into law by Governor Gregoire, these special license plates boast a bald eagle, a killer whale, an elk, a mule deer, or a black bear image, and the proceeds from the sale of the plates go to improving management for these and other wildlife species as well as improving conservation and recreation programs related to wildlife in Washington.

Wildlife-themed backgrounds are available for an additional cost ($40 new, $30 subsequent renewal) plus fees.

The special plate fees benefit Department of Fish and Wildlife endangered wildlife activities. After the state has been reimbursed for the cost to implement the new special plate, $28.00 of the initial and annual renewal fee will go to the wildlife program activities.

Endangered Wildlife Plate
Endangered Wildlife Plate - Orca
Wildlife Viewing Plate
Wildlife Viewing Plate - Eagle

Game Management Plates
Game Management Plate - Elk

Game Management Plate - Bear

Game Management Plate - Deer

Order Your Personalized
Licensed Plate Today!

Endangered Wildlife Plate

The “Endangered Wildlife” license plate features an endangered killer whale and the inland marine waters of Washington.

The money will be spent to recover Washington's endangered and threatened species and to identify species at risk. Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Population restoration and recovery,
  • Habitat restoration and improvement,
  • Improved population monitoring,
  • Determination of candidate species’ status,
  • Increased surveys for species at risk,
  • Determination of factors limiting populations and
  • Improved information and outreach materials

Wildlife Viewing Plate

The Wildlife Viewing Plate features the majestic bald eagle and a glorious Washington sunset, with the “WW” designation, for “Wildlife Watching.” It is a great way to add color and beauty to your car or truck.

The money is earmarked for activities that benefit wildlife viewing activities in Washington. Wildlife viewing is one of the fastest-growing recreational pursuits, providing a significant economic boost to the state. Funds would be used to maximize this benefit, while at the same time assuring that the wildlife that is being viewed is protected from disturbance.

Wildlife Viewing activities include:

  • Initiating partnerships with communities to jointly develop watchable wildlife projects
  • Building infrastructure to serve wildlife viewers
  • Assisting and training communities in conducting wildlife watching events
  • Developing destination wildlife viewing corridors and trails, tours maps, brochures and travel aides
  • Offering grants to assist rural communities in identifying key wildlife attractions and ways to protect and promote them.

Game Management Plates

Game Managment Plate are a series of “Washington’s Wildlife” license plates that feature an elk, deer and black bear.

Revenue generated from the sale of “Washington’s Wildlife” license plates will be spent to improve management of Washington’s game animals. Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Habitat improvements
  • Improved population monitoring
  • Population restoration and expansion
  • Improved public access opportunities
  • Improved educational materials