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Carp Fishing in Washington

Category: Fishing / Shellfishing - Guides and Tutorials

Date Published: April 2005

Number of Pages: 5


According to Ben Hur Lampman in Coming of the Pond Fishes (published in 1946, and the basis for most historical information in this document), the earliest introduction of exotic fish in the Northwest was in 1880. In that year, a Troutdale, Oregon sea captain received from California a shipment of 35 “genuine German carp and perfect beauties.” These fish soon spawned in their Troutdale pond, and before the year was out the Captain estimated his increase at 7,000 carp. In late May of 1881, Mother Nature played a cruel trick. An unusually high spring freshet invaded the carp nursery, and several thousand “perfect beauties” escaped into the Columbia River. Within 12 years, the Oregonian newspaper reported that commercial fishermen were offering to supply carp as fertilizer in any quantity to farmers, for $5 a ton.

Fishing For Carp

In Washington, a fishing license is not required to fish for carp. There is also no daily limit. However, please be responsible and harvest only what you will use. Fishing for carp is normally done in two ways, the traditional angling methods using hook and line and with bow and arrow (bow-fishing).