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Spawning and Fertilizing: Photographic series


Spawning and Fertilizing
Photographic Series

(Click photos to enlarge)

Salmon preparing to enter the Fish Pass and enter the holding pond

Chinook Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Crowding and sorting

Adult salmon waiting in the Issaquah holding pond prior to spawning.

Issaquah Hatchery adult holding ponds. Crew operating fish crowder.
Crowding adult salmon to sort them for condition to spawn.
Preparing to sort adult salmon for spawning.
Sorting fish for species, sex, and ripeness for spawning.
Male coho salmon in spawning colors.
  Egg care and handling
Checking which size egg-picking disc to use for picking out the bad eggs in this basket. Next step is the automatic egg picker.
Pouring eggs into hopper of the egg picking machine to select fertile eggs.
Cleaning the dead eggs from the live eggs, using a egg picking machine.
Checking accuracy of the egg picker. White eggs are bad, orange eggs are good.
Mixing sperm into unfertilized salmon eggs.
Mixing the salmon eggs and sperm.

Eggs and milt (sperm).

Pouring salmon eggs into a pre-measured can to put the correct amount into the incubator trays.
Pouring chinook Salmon eggs into incubator tray.
Adding iodine to disinfect salmon eggs prior to incubation.

Closing incubation lid on egg tray.
Hatching Stages: From eggs to fry

Eggs in gravel

Eyed Salmon Eggs

Alevin, or sac fry Salmon

Coho Fry

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